What you should know about me

For years I have been intensively involved with everything that has to do with words. This is primarily my beginning. I realized very quickly that just with the language and above all the “how” you can achieve a lot and drive thinks forward together.

A good example and a good teacher were always those to me who showed when they even made it more difficult for themselves. I then thought about how I would do it differently.
Not better – in another way than the kind that didn’t appeal to me.

Along my way, I’ve also noticed that my feedback is very well desired and very good taken.
Be it in difficult conversations or in formulating an important mail in any direction.

We either make life difficult for ourselves with words or we have fun marching through and observing.

If you look closely, you will quickly notice how your counterpart reacts to you and your words. There are so many facets – amazed, alienated, inspired, motivated, in a good mood, bad mood, positive or even negativ.

It doesn’t mean that you can accomplish a difficult task with laughter and joy every time. However, you can bring in an understanding of this task.

You can’t always expect your idea to ignite a fire in others, but you can make sure the right ones see your fire. My first book in that subject was Fish! and it was given to me by my dad. That’s about 20 years back now.

There are things between me then and now – many difficult conversations, many “bloody noses” on my way, much that was misunderstood and much that I meant differently than I said it.

A journey like this never ends, and that’s the nice things about this topic – there is always something to discover.

People are not machines and there are many things that can’t be foreseen – it is important to react to that is happening and was is being said “No answer is also an answer”
Not everything always need a reaction.

It’s not black and it´s not white – but it always one thing – 1 or 0