My passion is in everything that has anything to do with words or creativity.

Be it in letters, advertisements, emails, lectures, applications, pitches, homepages, product portfolio, other textes or everything else to polish until the message is the right one.

Be it in terms of leadership, always finding new approaches or see new ways within talks with others about the topic. To live it unconditionally and even in difficult times to be steadfast

I believe in my visions of what tomorrow can look like and I am already setting the course for it.

To inspire others for leadership or to prove input for challenging conversations or situations gave .

And in times like these, when digitization is rushing towards us a rapid pace I´m still a paper person. My heart´s blood is to write things down, to manifest, leaf through it and record important things.

My heart is in everything I do. Here, there are only 1 and 0 – and 1 is always 100% and a little bit more.
What I do and to which I devote my time always gets my full attention and my heart and soul