Communication is particularly important when changes or even just an expansion of the existing situation are imminent.

How we communicate in these times is crucial for all further steps and for the further planned journey.

We can communicate changes in many different ways. Surely you already know, from your own experience, what it feels like when …

… more uncertainties arise as a result of the communication
… something was not communicated at all
… something was communicated to late
… something was communicated incorrectly or dishonestly
… learned something by accident from others

Maybe you also know, from your experience, how it also feels when …

… a change was communicated in a timely manner
… communicated honestly and openly
… you are involved in this process
… your are invited to an exciting journey
… the communication took place in a way that was understandable for everyone

Do you notice what it triggers in you while reading through it ?

And maybe you can also see here, based on your own experience, how teams change when …

… room for development and criticism is given
… opinions can be expressed and represented
… comfort zones are not considered permanent zones
… own visions and ideas can be introduced
… trust in your strengths is lived
… weaknesses are not hidden but supplemented
… trust a lived characteristic

We create all of this with words an reinforce them with our actions

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