“Do it like the sundial, just count the happy hours” or “The path is the goal” followed by “Build something beautiful out of stones that are in your way”

Are you familiar with that ? There is an infinite amount of wisdom for the way to a goal. 

But, what, if we “know” the goal – by “know” I mean that you have a vision. Accordingly, it’s not a “known” but imagined. Anyone can imagine anything and only of you beliebe in it, it will manifest and become true. Puff – It’s Magic. 

“Activate your magic” or “The magic is within you” followed by “Create your own magic” 

Roughly it could be said, that if you just build something nice along the way, only see the nice stuff, and have created enough magic to make it work, everything becomes very awesome. 

“You’ve only failed when you stop trying” or “If you don’t make mistakes, you probably won’t make anything else” followed by “Every failure is a step towards success” 

Wait – what ? In my vision I don’t fail – in my vision everything is super magic an perfect. Perfect in the sense of I do everything the way I think is right, with a lot of passion and a lot of joy. And besides, everything works by itself – it comes together. Simply that way. 

So what now ? 

Let´s take away the Fairydust, the magic and all that. What remains is the path – the path with a rollercoaster of of success, failure and rapid change. Good mood and bad mood, as well as confidence ans pessimism. On our way we sometimes stop and get off the roller coaster. Look around – turn – look up at the sky – look back down to earth and slow down. 

Be the center of attention and see 360° around you. 

Perhaps the sky is drawning together in a gloomy thunderstorm. But, maybe you will se a flower growing out of a stonewall on the way in front of you. Although the sky is tightening, if you look at it another way, you find something beautiful. 

Maybe you got lost and when you look behind you, all you see is a thicket of trees and brushwood. You wonder yourself how you got through there and turn around. The path is open in front of you, with several junctions and flooded with light. It depends where you put your gaze. 

You look down at you bloody knee – you tripper over a branch which you didn’t´t see because you were watching the heavy clouds. You went ahead but looked elsewhere. 

If you hadn’t stumbled, you wouldn’t´t have seen the beautiful snail either, and you lay there an watch. You watched her as she retreated into her little house and slowly let her eyes flash out again and again. After a while so see her whole again and watch her way. She slowly slides across the floor beneath her. You watch her curiously and wonder which route she has already covered today. 

After a few minutes you turn around and look up to the sky. 

You a see a small clearing between the heavy black clouds and the sun is shining through. You remember, brush the dirt of your knee and march on. 

Weher in a Business context or on your personal path, there will always be ups and downs, stopping and turning. The question also arises, which time horizon you are considering – 1 day – 1 week or one year. 
Depending on this, the perspective on your “slow” changes and you’ll see that your path doesn’t always mean slowly but only up and down.

Don´t just count the beautiful hour and learn also from the rainy hours. Take the time to pause when something is getting in your way. Should api drop it or move on? Should you reshape it and take it with you ? Climb over it or reshape it. And, when you stumble again. Was it because of wrong decisions ? Why was it wrong ? What was it good for and what did you learn ? When you look at your vision – what does it take ? What else do you need to get one step closer to her? Who can also support you so that you don’t have every step alone ? What, on the other hand, do you have to go alone ? 

There is so much on your way and it is worth taking the time for it. 

Nest time, if you think you are too small – remember your snail !