With words, whether they are written, thought or spoken, we can do anything.

We can ….

… enchant
… create
… violate
… build up
… arouse and ignite emotions
… Visionen erschaffen
… create visions
… motivate
… make someone happy
… be honest
… defend ourselves
… protect us
… make ourselves bigger
… affect moods
… create space
… create awareness
… inspire other people
… create uncertainties
… provide stability and security
… create structures

We can do so much with words and yet we don’t take the time for it.
We don’t take the time to think about what we communicate and how.
We don’t take the time to tell stories about f.e. a necessary change.

We don’t take the time to get our “why” right.

Everything around us changes insanely fast and we are driven to do your things by “things fast and in between”
Half-heartedly, thoughtless and out of a current emotion.
We read the information we get with our emotions instead of observing it neutrally.

How much could be avoided if we took the extra minute to communicate properly ?
The time I then have to “smooth the waves” is clearly better invested b beforehand.

How can I help you with your magic ?