Celebrate yourself

Celebrate yourself

Hand on heart – how often do you pat yourself on the back ?
How often are your proud of yourself ?
How often do you congratulate yourself on your success or achievement ?

Hand on heart – probably not at all – am I very wrong ?

Often, we take our successes and accomplishments for granted.
That’s how it should be after all, self-praise stinks – as we all know.
Or ? Now don’t get too excited about it! Are you familiar with that ?

Congratulations !
Realizing is the first step in the right direction !

We keep forgetting to be proud of ourselves and to celebrate ourselves properly

Celebrate your successes – whatever

Reward yourself at a spa or celebrate your success with other with a little of wine.
Let your success pass in front of your inner eye and just grin to yourself with a bright smile.
Look back on your journey and congratulate yourself !

Self-praise doesn’t stink – being proud of yourself and celebrating yourself is a balm for your soul.

Don´t take it for granted – you don’t pride yourself on it too much – you acknowledge your achievement and see what you have achieved.

Your real environment, and I mean this who don’t drain all your energy but can also rejoice with you from the heart, will agree with you.

You’ve accomplished a lot – celebrate yourself – alone, with others, at a spa, a restaurant, a new handbag, or even just with a grin.

When you celebrate yourself, you also celebrate everyone else who has walked the path with you – say thank you!

Just like that – just from the heart


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