Football vs Leadership

Football vs Leadership

In course of a hearing, I was asked whether there were parallels between football and leadership – Yes! All!

A football team also lives from the “surroundings” – various roles such as youth couch, secretary, cashier and a lot more have to be filled. The canteen is also a good source of income for an association, as are other actives such as festivals and youth days.
And of course the playmakers – the players, referees, line judges, groundskeepers, stewards, announcers, raffle vendors, coaches of course and last but not least – the fans.

Everyone faces different challenges and responsibilities in there respective roles:
In the eye of the spectators, the coach is setting up the team incorrectly
A player is newly in love and has his thoughts elsewhere
The other player is still after the last party
Another one was too motivated during training and now has sore muscles
The canteen ran out of rolls and the coffee machine broke
The spokesman didn’t catch the second who scored the grandios goal
The steward is busy keeping drunks in check
The linesman missed an offside
The referees doesn’t whistle in the interests of both teams
Raffle vendors try to geht the tickets to the man and woman
And of course the chairman wants a hime win as a starting points
The Fans insult each otters
In the midst of all this trouble, the toilet is also clogged.

But despite all the emergencies and resentment

The coach also wants to see his players in other positions and positions them outside of their comfort zone
The amorous gamer is extra busy though as his new girlfriend is watching
It has been a long time since a party and it has been overdone, but the player is there and fights to the end
The player with sore muscles brings some calmness into the game, since he has to use his powers in a very calculating way.
Everyone helps out in the canteen – the rolls are in the oven and someone else is also repairing the coffee machine
It was quickly whispered to the announcer who scored the goal so that players name could be properly called.
The steward put the drunk guests in the shade with a bottle of water
The linesman takes a closer look next time
The referees continues to blow the whistle according to the rules even it both teams don’t like it
Raffle sellers point out that the proceeds will be benefit the youth teams and sell all tickets on that day
The chairman ist rooting and cheering on his home club for a win
The fans pointed out to each other that the level was below everything else and ended up laughing together
Someone knew that a spectator was a plumper and so the clogged toilet could be repaired and there was still plenty of toilet paper in the pantry

What does all that have to do with leadership ?

When the team is well attends, knows each other well, sticks together, know its role and is also well networked then a certain momentum develops.

Everyone knows what is expected of them and what is their responsibility. For this to be the case, there is one person who is present during the game and who is the contact person for the whole team. But the most important thing is that his person also lends a hand.
Although the referees cannot simply be replaces, the framework ist necessary for the game can be created by this person and their team. In this way, everyone else can pursue their responsibilities and thus make the football game a joint success and experience for all guests.

No matter which team ist kept together – the principle is the same. Know your team ! Know their strengths, let them go beyond their comfort zone and give the team the opportunity to organize and make decisions independently.

The lead doesn’t need to be asked if a person can be approached because that person is an installer – the lead will know that someone on the team has taken care of ist. He asks how this was brought about and congratulates on the success and is happy about it.

The Ticket sellers don’t have to ask the lead how to get the tickets to the man and woman. You know from the board meeting that the proceeds from this game will benefit they your theam. The lead is happy that they managed to sell all the tickets with this informations.

As you can see, there are so many parallels and at the next football game just take a closer look 😉


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