Digital change – digital time – everything is digitized

Digital change – digital time – everything is digitized

All .. except my notes and my calendar

  • As soon as I saved it to my Macbook, I mentally forgot about it. I don’t fetch it anymore, I don’t just read it again, in other words – it´s mentally gone. If I make my notes in my notebook, that has several advantages for me. I remember it better – much better ! I flip through it again and again – it´s always in front of me.
  • Whan I´m banging on my MacBook I´m not mentally present. I see when i get a new mail. I See when an appointment overlaps – I See everything! (Turning off notifications doesn´t stop me from checking my curiosity) If I make notes in my notebook, then there is only the book, the others and me. I write “by the way” – shortened that at the same time. Believe me, only I can read it at this moment – and later I don’t need shorthand either. Here is an example:

    If someone here wants to/can explain my handwriting then I am very interested in the interpretation! The advantage of this is that I then have to whip my brain cells into shape to that they remember WHAT I actually wrote down here and in which context. Sometimes I add content to these notes and thus mentally repeat the points from the appointment.
  • I love the feeling of paper – leafing through it, filling it with content. The smell, write yourself – everything! My notebooks naturally get scratches over time. Pages are not without corners and edges. And when a notebook comes to an end, it’s pretty dull and worn.
  • I can quickly write down my flashes of inspiration! All I have to do is reach into my bag, take out the book and I´m good to go. I don’t need to write anything on my phone to then email it to me so that it goes into my inbox.
  • Every morning I take my book and leaf through the last few days. What happened, what do I still have to do, what’s up for the day, and so on

Try it!

I can do no longer do without and after umpteen times I try not to be one of the few in a meeting with paper, I don’t want to do without anymore.


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