„Where you invest your Love you invest in your Life“

„Where you invest your Love you invest in your Life“

Are you still or are your already alive ?

You hate Mondays? Go back to work ? Do something again that your are noch convinced of ?

Then it´s definitely time to think about something !

I couldn’t stand it if I had to drag myself into work every day looking forward to it. Without asking me what surprises the day has today. Clear ! Not everything is fun and there are things that just have to be done. The duty and the freestyle. Duty is duty. We don’t need to talk about that. End of the month is my word that my mood can spoil a bitt. But, everything else around it, what you do for a job for, that should definitely be fun.
My professional decisions have always been based on instinct. The feeling when something constricts your throat because you just doesn’t suit you anymore. Attitudes change, life circumstances change, interests change, etc. There are so many things that are constantly changing.
Why not change jobs too ? Why not do further trainings on a topic in wich you learn with enthusiasm ? What not put out the feeler? When something is done with enthusiasm and love, then things emerge almost by themselves. They’re easier to handle. Yes, I know – your hear that so often! But it´s true – POINT.
You spend so much time on the office, at work, with customers, with colleagues in a building. If all this were no longer fun – calculate how much of your time you give away – wasted ! no good used – not used positively.

And with the result – back to start – what do you enjoy ?


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